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March 6, 2018

Destroy the Pa(s)triarchy!

Loud & Queer (formerly known as Slayful) is #1 in everything amorism. We are a collective dedicated to the destruction of shame and the annihilation of confusion around all topics within and related to amorism, which includes:

  • SEX

This dedication manifests itself in community creation, identity validating online video content, inclusive events in San Francisco (and beyond), political action, art, deep levels of silliness, and much more.

L&Q is an experiment in making social impact fun, and an experiment in making organizations that feed people rather than deplete them. We aim to have all our actions feed the world and grow the members in our group into greater selves.

Be Loud and/or Queer with us!

We are always welcoming new people into our mission, both in-person and online. Being part of L&Q means being part of a caring community with a mission, and being part of a movement revolutionizing the world.

If you are interested in joining us, covering us in media, or giving us chunks of money, message our facebook page below, or email us at: talktome@beslayful.com

There are currently three levels of being involved in our community:

Members of our collective actually own a piece of our community, embodied through on ongoing role they fill. This can look like creating a video series, managing the email list, or doing outreach to partners. Anything a member does, they are the absolute authority in.

Friends of our collective lend skills they have to our cause when called on. We keep a record of our friends and the skills they have so that we can reach out to them in moments when we need them! This includes sticker making, introductions to contacts, promotion, lots of things!

Patrons big and super small are critical to making our system fuel us so that we can tear down the system. All of us are volunteers, so know all of your donations go to changing lives and the systems in which they live! Patrons also get bonuses like getting to give us feedback on videos before they are released. For small donations, donate to our Patreon, and for larger ones please emails us!

Donate to our Patreon <3


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